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I want to be Healthy - Energy Healing Training Course Online
We all want to be healthy, pain free and stress free.
The first signs of an illness may be pain, tiredness, anxiety, irritability or a feeling that “something is just not right.”

These first signs are the “warning lights” flashing to tell us that we need to look at some aspect of our life and act immediately before it escalates or develops into a more serious health concern.


There is a similarity between the body’s functioning and a symphony orchestra, The most delicate movements of all members of the orchestra are in harmony with each other. They follow a pre-determined musical score and respond sensitively to the direction of the conductor. Each part or instrument synchronises perfectly with each other section and member of the orchestra.

Similarly each organ and each system plays its role and together they synchronise in unison to create harmony and health in the human body keeping it at its optimal functioning level. Each organ or system plays its role, but they are all following the one rhythm, one autonomous control.
One violin or one musician playing out of tune or out of time may go unnoticed for a short period of time. However if this one violinist or musician continues playing out of tune, very soon they will influence the other musicians close to them and in turn a complete section of the orchestra goes out of sync and out of tune. Soon many musicians playing out of tune will be noticed by even an untrained ear.
This analogy can be applied to the working of the body. Sometimes a health condition becomes initiated as a small localised disturbance. This may have been diagnosed by a GP or health care practitioner. If this can be detected at an early stage, it may prevent a more serious health condition from manifesting later on. As long as all systems and organs are working in harmony, in unison, following the same program, the body is at its optimal functioning level.

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