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Chakra Imbalances - Energy Healing Training Online
In this section we explain how the body contracts to protect itself from physical or emotional pain. ( It is this contraction that can create blockages or closure of a particular chakra. The purpose of energy therapy is to help clear any blockages.)

If you close your fist tightly and look at your knuckles you can see that the knuckles of your hand turn almost white because the blood supply and energy flow is now restricted in this area.

In another example, sometimes the garden hose becomes blocked or knotted which restricts the free flow of water through the hose, once the knots and blocks have been removed, - the water can then flow freely

When the physical body contracts due to pain, stress or trauma, the contractions may cause a restriction in the body’s overall blood supply and may also restrict the energy supply to organs, glands, muscles, tissue and cells. The emotional body also contracts to protect itself from emotional shock or trauma.

Emotions are normal; it is only when the emotions are suppressed over a period of time that they may have an effect on organs, glands, muscles and tissues in the physical body, depriving them of a natural flow of energy.

The emotions associated with any trauma or incident are registered in the chakras, and can cause closure, imbalance or blockages in the chakra related to that emotion.
There may be many reasons why we may not have been able to process or deal with emotions such as; anger, grief, shame, guilt, hurt , loss, fear or mortal fear.

We may appear to have recovered from out physical trauma or shock and appear to be getting on with our day to day lives, but the emotional shock and trauma may have been suppressed and become lodged in our energy fields and chakras.

Suppressed emotions may have a controlling effect on our lives unless the intensity of these emotions are dissipated and the energy field is cleared and balanced. 

Closure or blockages in a particular chakra can in turn affect organs, glands, muscles and tissue in the physical body in the area corresponding with a particular chakra.

This is where applying Energy Healing techniques may be helpful in helping to clear and dissipate this blocked or stagnant energy at a physical emotional and mental level thus allowing a free flow of life-giving energy and help to create the ideal environment for the body to begin its natural self healing process.

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