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The Power of your Mind - Energy healing training online

The Power of your Mind

This simple meditation can bring you to a place of peace and stillness where inner healing can begin. Using the POWER OF YOUR MIND - journey deep inside your body to help heal areas of illness, disease, pain or discomfort. This may assist the regeneration of tissue, cells or organs which may need healing at a cellular level. This powerful guided meditation may help heal the body of pain, stress or illness and help restore balance and well-being. Your Mind Can Help Heal; BODY MIND & SPIRIT.


Peace & Tranquility - Energy healing training online

Peace & Tranquility

Music to relax your body and quieten your mind. Gentle melodies featuring the hypnotic sound of the mandolin and accompanied by beautiful orchestral arrangements. Regular listening to this cd may help reduce STRESS, ANXIETY and act as an aid to facilitate DEEP RELAXATION.. It may also be helpful to aid better SLEEP, for INSOMNIA When our minds are tense due to anxiety our bodies can also be tense. Deep Relaxation may aid digestion, lower blood pressure, build energy, boost immunity & have many other health benefits.


Chakra Healing - Energy healing training online

Chakra Healing

This BIOSOUND CHAKRA HEALING CD may help alter the body's biochemistry, bringing various systems and organs into harmonic balance, thereby creating ideal conditions for the body's own natural healing processes. It is comprised of 7 individual musical compositions composed in the key of each individual chakra. The purpose of this CD is to help balance and harmonise the chakras.


Understanding Chakras - Energy healing training online

Understanding Chakras

The chakras are spinning vortexes of energy located in and around our body, through which we receive, transmit and process life-force energies, which interact as one holistic system. Blocked energy in our Chakras energy centers can sometimes lead to illness, so it's important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep the energy flowing freely in and around each chakra . The energy created by our emotions and mental attitudes permeates via the chakras throughout our cells, tissues and organs ultimately affecting our physical body.


Fear Wont Control Me - Energy healing training online

Fear Wont Control Me

This is a 7 minute song full of positive self healing affirmations. It can be played on repeat in the background and subliminally the powerful self healing messages repeated over and over again may be very helpful in reducing fear and anxiety. A simple method to help reduce fear, is to use affirmations or mantras. Repeating positive, uplifting affirmations can bring about a change which for some people can be transformational.


I Can Do It !! - Energy healing training online

I Can Do It !!

Heal Your Body. Improve confidence. Achieve Your Goals. Make Your Dreams Come True. What are the secrets? Using the sound frequencies that you create yourself within your body you can help your own natural self-healing process. This can be used for health concerns at many levels; Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Use your own unique voice and sing along or hum along with Mantras & Affirmations on this specially composed healing song.


Energy Healing Music

Heal Your Body With The Power Of Your Mind - Energy Healing Training Course

Peace & Tranquility - Energy Healing Training Course

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Fear Wont Control Me - Energy Healing Training Course

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