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Be Your own Therapist - Energy Healing Training Course Online


  • This is book that can give you answers, when you can find none
  • This is a book that can give you clarity, when nothing seems to make sense
  • It can give you direction, when you feel lost or gone astray.
  • It can give you hope, where there is despair.
  • It can set you free, when you feel you are being controlled.
  • It can take you on a journey of insight, and self empowerment.
  • It can help you change fear into courage..
  • It can help you learn to accept yourself, and where you are at in life.
  • It can help you understand the possible reasons for your own behaviour and the behaviour of those around you.
  • It can help you accept others as they are.
  • It can help you see yourself as the great being you really are.
  • It can help you learn how to truly love yourself.

In a loving and non-judgmental way through imagery and stories the reader is led towards a better understanding of the possible cause of their problems or issues and how to resolve them.  This book answers many of the ‘whys’ in our lives.

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Bestselling e-book by Patricia Hesnan.

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