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Having travelled to Ireland to the live course, I’ve realised that Energy Healing Therapy is a global therapy, not controlled by distance, class, culture, creed, or money. Anyone anywhere can do it.
I knew some basic energy healing techniques. This course provided me with the structure and confidence to become an energy healing therapist. The last two years have been amazingly successful for me in my professional practice.
My mother has been unwell in South Africa, and just to be able to help her using my two hands has been humbling for me.
I always had some interest in energy healing as a modality, and this course gave me guidance, structure and more confidence to become an energy healing practitioner.
I had been quite skeptical about recognising the existence of something I couldn’t see. When I learned how to do psychokinesis it confirmed for me what was entailed in the human energy field, and what energy therapy was. Very grateful
Since completing my training, I have now started my own Energy Healing business. It was slow in the beginning as I was only operating part time, but since I progressed into it full time my business has been going from strength to strength. Thank you so much.
I was amazed that just by using my hands and my energy field I could influence and move another person’s body even several feet away. That was the turning point for me. After that I had the confidence and belief in myself that I needed to progress and complete my training. Many thanks
Having completed the full course and seeing the results I am having by applying the many energy healing techniques in my practice, I gained the confidence to launch a new career for myself. I always knew deep down that I could do it. Now it has become a reality.

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